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Re: Lifepo4 charging
« on: December 10, 2020, 08:40:09 am »
I've been charging this 3.2v cell with a 7 v power source. Which produces about 280 mA.
The 'cell' itself controls the voltage in the beginning, turning the 7 volts into charging current. But it requires some baby sitting near the end as cell voltage rises and current goes down.
I'm looking for a wall wart supply that will charge the 3.2 volt LiFePO4 cell  with 12 volts. That way I'll get the 1/10th C charging current I need. Just need to turn it off when the voltage gets to about 3.6  volts. (Using the Triac circuit).

To eliminate the cell balancing act using multiple LiFePO4 cells in series, we could just use a single 3.2 volt cell and a dc-dc converter.
My single LiFePO4 cell is rated at 6000mAh and as the link below shows , the LiFePO4 cell has very high discharge rates.

It would be great if they could make the LiFePO4 cell in a 'flat pack ' shape , like cell phone Liion cells.

FOUND IT>>>>>>>>
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