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Re: Lifepo4 charging
« Reply #15 on: December 20, 2020, 07:00:42 am »
Probably not as many as advertised (2000) since my charging method is not to specifications. ::)
Also a BMS (battery managment system) probably would be required for cells in series.
Too bad a simple BMS couldn't be made from zener diodes and a mosfet somehow.
Maybe a zener diode could just be placed across the cell to limit charging voltage going too high.
But I think balancing the cells would be tricky since internal resistance could make all the cells in a battery discharge at different rates, eventually causing a cell to be reverse charged. It would require a microcontroller or human attention to keep the cells in a battery balanced. But one 3.2 volt cell at 100,000mAh could be used with a DC-DC boost converter..

The LiFePO4 cell is larger and heavier than a LI-ion cell.
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