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While at a local lake, I watched some kids carrying buckets of water up the beach to put into a little pond they had made.  That got me thinking that they could get a continuous flow of water if they had a small solar panel and a pump.  So I ordered a pump from Amazon and pulled out a 5 Watt panel I had laying around in the shed.  A quick test worked pretty neat.  I'm in the process of printing a bracket for the pump with a cage around it where I can add screen to keep out sand.  My thought was to put it on a piece of foam insulation to float on the surface with a hose bringing the water up the beach.  I'm still waiting on the hose, and the print is almost finished.  I'll post a video and pictures when it is finished.

First time I've seen a charcoal powered pump. :D

Here are a few photos of the work in progress.  The screen may not be fine enough for the sand, but its better than nothing I guess.  I have to make a hole for the tube, and I might have to add foam because the solar panel is a bit heavy.

Did I post the wrong link?  I guess I didn't catch the charcoal connection.

Scroll down the Amazon page.
It's in the description.

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