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Power storage problem
« on: April 23, 2023, 02:02:33 pm »
Does this make sense?

Power storage problem

This is probably rambling but it is the first draft of ideas just coming out of my head.
The Problem
You always have to exceed the already stored power to store more. So even though there is power able to be stored, it is lost if it doesn't exceed the already stored power. For example, you have a wind turbine charging a 12 volt battery.
The wind turbine needs to exceed 12 volts to store any power. It can spin all day generating 11 volts and not store one bit of power.

I think its much better to store power i.e. electric power by generating and storing the highest voltage possible. Then convert it to a lower voltage later for use.
For example: Generate 120v power via a wind turbine and have it charge a 120 volt battery. Later by using a buck/boost voltage regulator you can have it output 12 volts a lot longer. The wind turbine outputs 120 volts instead of 12. Since it has a high voltage low current output it takes a long time to reach the full charge voltage of 120 volts. Yet the 12 volts keeps outputting no matter what the stored voltage is.*
Edison vs Tesla comes to mind. DC vs AC.
AC is superior to DC in long power transmission lines, but almost every device in your house converts the AC to DC for use.
I think it's sort of analogous to wind turbine putput voltage vs stator resistance.
Everybody wants a low resistance stator that outputs low voltage. But I think a high voltage  stator woth finer wire allows more power to be stored.
Am I nuts?
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